Among our clients


Gruda has an profound acquaintance with the international markets and with the best food suppliers and manufacturers in the industry.

Let us together design the product’s concept and verify the product’s economic and operational feasibility. We will find for you the optimal food supplier and manufacturer and assemble a task force that will accomplish the task in a professional manner within the time frame and budget.

Managing and Establishing Advanced Food Systems

Gruda company’s core is culinary arts. We keep ourselves updated about every manufacturing techniques and methods that exist in the food industry. The company has broad knowledge and acquaintance with manufacturing procedures, suppliers and the best local and international food manufacturers.

The company was established and managed by the chef Liran Gruda. Chef Gruda has vast experience in the food industry and been working in the field during the past 20 years. Liran studied culinary arts in Holiday Inn college. 

After that, he worked alongside the greatest chefs in the world such as Moshik Roth. Along his professional pathway, Liran took part in the reality show “Games of Chef” and made it to the finals. To this day, Gruda company is not only in charge of Reshet 13’s culinary development but also of other major local and international food companies. Establishing catering services for Alaska state and IAI during the “Arrow 3 interceptor” experiments is one of our major recent projects.